According to the latest status, Cologne is no longer planned as a location for a casino.
Instead, the SPD sees the castle of the district government in Düsseldorf as a new ideal place for
another casino. A new casino law for North Rhine-Westphalia. The NRW state government recently
presented this as a draft at its cabinet meeting.
Dortmund, Aachen, Duisburg and Bad Oeynhausen should therefore remain as previous locations
and the total number of casino locations should be increased to six.
Contrary to what was planned at the beginning, Cologne is no longer set as a location, Düsseldorf is
much more the focus as a new location. The SPD member of the Landtag Markus Weske sees this as
an opportunity for Düsseldorf to win the race for the location.
According to the spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, the ideal place for a casino is “the
castle of the district government on Cecilienallee”.
Markus Weske is convinced that Düsseldorf’s chances as an ideal location are better than ever . For
Düsseldorf, it would not only be an opportunity to do something to protect players, but also the
chance to earn up to ten million euros a year at the same time.
Düsseldorf would only have to be confirmed as a new location by the new casino law. “Since the
district president plans to concentrate her employees from the various branches at one location on
the former university of applied sciences site in Golzheim, there is nothing standing in the way of a
casino in the representative presidential palace and the plenary hall.” awarded casinos had over five
years to find a suitable place. However, since this was unsuccessful, the state government decided to
pull the ripcord and change the bill regarding the location of another casino. The Cologne Council
had decided that after years of planning, the casino would not be built in the chosen location.
SPD member of the Landtag, Markus Weste, is convinced that casinos lead to significantly more
income for the respective municipality and are also an “important component of the State Treaty on
Gaming to protect players”.
As a positive example, the financial politician cites Duisburg, where revenue from slot machines in
particular is continuously increasing. Duisburg received around five million euros from the casino’s
proceeds last year alone. Weske estimates that Düsseldorf can earn up to ten million euros a year
from the casino. This would be particularly important because many new amusement arcades have
to close due to the new laws. The number will drop from 100 arcades to just 34 within the next two
The CDU sees this trend, the ever fewer gaming halls, in the state parliament as well. A joint
statement by the four Düsseldorf parliamentarians Angela Erwin, Olaf Lehne, Peter Preuß and Marco
Schmitz states that a casino would sharpen the cultural profile of Düsseldorf as the state capital. The
economic strength of the region is also strengthened. Due to numerous hotels and good
accommodation options in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, a lively and never-sleeping cultural
scene and good connections in long-distance and local transport, Düsseldorf is in many ways the
ideal location for another casino.

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